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Does your exterminator use drone technology?

The popularity of drones has been on the rise in recent times. They are used in various fields. In fact, people are coming out with creative ideas to use them. Agriculture is a field in which drones are used. For example, Michael Godfrey, an Australian, used drones for distributing beneficial bugs over cornfields. 

More and more experts are predicting that drones will be used in various new fields in future. Recently, pest control companies including a pest exterminator in Singapore used a drone for controlling pests. These companies operating in the pest control field firmly believe that drones will help them in streamlining their processes because with the help of these drones, they will be able to cover more square footage in very short durations.

It is a known fact that companies that readily embrace new technologies and innovations are likely to benefit immensely. These companies will be able to derive the best advantages of such innovations but they should carefully choose only those innovations that suit their style of working and their needs. The pest control field is no exception to this and so, there is no surprise that a number of companies that operate in this industry are also on the look-out for the latest innovations that keep happening.

Some of these pest control companies emphatically say that using drones will be the future trend because in the current systems and processes, humans including kids as well as pets and plants face a lot of risks. Not only that, these companies assert that drones can reach even those spots that are difficult to access and even “dangerous” locations like gutters and roofs. In other words, drones will completely eliminate the risks that are likely to affect humans and pet animals. 

Drones can also help these companies to keep everyone safe from highly precarious situations such as nests and active hives. In short, the technicians of these companies can put the drones to use and administer appropriate treatments from safe distances and heights. Simply put, job-related accidents and injuries can be completely eliminated with the help of drones in pest control.

Though research-technicians are still continuing with their innovation tasks, it is gladdening to note that some of the pest control companies have already started using drones in their present form. These companies are certain to adopt the improvements that are likely to pan out of the research tasks that are under way.

If you are on the look-out for a pest exterminator in Singapore, it is better you opt for an exterminator who adopts the latest technologies and more particularly, who makes use of drones for carrying out their pest controlling tasks.

Pest Control, Pests, Services

Signs of Hiring a Bad Pest Control Company

When you need to hire a pest control company, you should restrain yourself from making an impulsive choice and do bit of a research about the company. Though some people feel the services of all pest control companies are more or less same, they cannot be far from reality.

In fact, there is a big difference between the services provided by professional pest control company Singapore as opposed to a bad pest control service provider.

Here are some of the most important signs that you have hired a bad pest control company.

Substandard customer service

Imagine that you are trying to call up the company but no response from the opposite side. When there is no promptness by the company to call you back or pick up your calls, it’s a clear sign that the company’s service is not up to the mark. If you do manage to speak to somebody, find out the address of their office. It is always better to do business with a local company, Try to stay away from big international names having their contact centers thousands of miles away.

Moreover, it will be really nice when the person you are speaking to over the phone is familiar with a technician and can interact with him personally after he returns from work. If a pest control company is good, it will try to develop the trust factor and a long lasting relationship with its clients.

Do you find its staffs and technicians giving you vague or incomplete information?

Any employee of a good pest control company should be able to answer your queries like how they carry out their treatments, what types of pests are included in their list, whether any guarantee is given or not, how the tasks are scheduled and executed and the charges. If they reply vaguely, the competency of its employees are questionable.

Staffs and vehicles are not well-equipped

When you find the technicians from a pest control company arrives with inadequate materials and gadgets and gets down from a private vehicle, you have every right to feel apprehensive about a pest control company in Singapore. If the appearance if the technician is unprofessional and he is not courteous while dealing with you, chances are that the pest control company needs to improve a lot.

Unsatisfactory online reviews

It makes sense to go the corporate website of a pest control company and check the customer reviews online. While all customers may not give raving reviews but if the number of negative reviews exceeds the good ones, you can perhaps assess the service attitude of the pest control company.