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Types of Fumigation

Once you are certain that a fumigation process has to be conducted in your building for eliminating the pest menace that has been robbing your peace of mind, you may seek the help of a company that offers fumigation services in Singapore. Though it is not necessary that you should know how they will carry out the process of eliminating pests from your place, it is better you know the types of fumigation and also the process the company you have chosen is going to adopt.

Gas Fumigation

In gas fumigation, the company may use fumigants in the form of gases. In general, this type of fumigation is conducted in enclosed chambers and when the gases are deployed, they infiltrate into every possible corner of the area in which the process is carried out. Gas fumigation is otherwise known as space fumigation. The fumigants deployed in this process are generally toxic and may harm the environment and that is the reason they are not allowed to disperse externally. But these chemicals can help in eliminating serious infestations by rodents, various species of insects, and termites. But when professionals decide to conduct gas fumigation in your place, they may ask humans and pets to shift from the place because the chemicals deployed may harm them. They may ask you to shift those items that may be corroded or damaged by the chemicals.

Solid Fumigation

As the name suggests, solid fumigation involves use of solid items for fumigating a building. In this process, tablets or pellets or powders of solid fumigants are sprinkled in the areas that have been infested by pests. But the professionals who conduct the process use only measured quantities of these fumigants because excessive use of them may also pose a danger. But solid fumigants are much easier as well as safer for deploying than fumigant gases.

Liquid Fumigation

image-5Liquid fumigation helps in getting rid of molds, insects and other similar pests. In this type of fumigation, fumigants in liquid form are sprayed in spaces where infestation is there. Liquid fumigants are also harmful to humans as they are toxic. But they work more quickly than how solid fumigants work. If conducted outdoors, liquid fumigation is quite safe.

The purpose of advising you to know the types of fumigation is that you can take an active part in the decision making process. Though you may not have the expertise as the professionals of companies that offer fumigation services in Singapore have, you can come out with valuable inputs if you possess this knowledge.