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How paper making can be improved?

Paper is a commodity used every day. Newspapers, books, tissues are all examples of the variety of papers used by people. Paper is a thin film made with using wood and chemicals for purposes like writing, typing, printing etc. Their uses start from printing valuable currency notes, printing newspapers, printing books, making cartons, packing etc. There are many varieties of paper available. Some examples of paper are banana paper, butter paper, bank paper, kraft paper, leather paper, sand paper etc.

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The manufacture of paper is done by collecting hard wood and soft wood from trees. The bark of these wood collected is removed and they are cut into chippings using machines. These are then separated into batches. This wood is then put into a huge amount of water and other chemicals to get cellulose fibers, lignin and other residues in the form of a pulp. This formation of pulp is done in a . The lignin and other residues are washed to get just the cellulose fibers which is then bleaches and dried to get paper. The rolls of paper obtained through this process is then taken for a process called paper conversion. After paper conversion, the paper is supplied to the market/ other industries which directly take the converted paper rolls from the industry.

The main method to improve paper making is by optimizing the work flow. It is important to make sure than the first paper manufactured should be the first to be sent out to be used. It should not be given time to age and lose its qualities. This can assure more quality while printing the paper, a smooth finish etc. Making small but effective changes to the workflow can ensure drastic effects in the quality of paper.

Grade and quality of paper are important factors while considering it for digital printing. If it is not manufactured properly, then this can result in curling and puckering of paper when it is subjected to high heat. This can also result in folding, cutting, gluing etc. Image quality is also important.

Conversion of paper involves many processes like cutting, punching, perforating etc. a lot of dust is produced in the process. It is important to prevent the dust from accumulating on the surface of the paper. To achieve this, it is best to keep the paper outside the facility till it is ready for printing etc.

There are many more ways to improve paper making.