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Rising stars in the Singapore DJ scene

                The teens and young adults of this generation are mostly into music. Their hobbies are music-related, their jobs are music-related, and their life is almost entirely music-related. Some are into bands, some are singers, song writers, musicians, and some are freelance dj singapore hires. But what exactly is a DJ?  DJ is short for disc jockey and according to, a DJ is someone who plays recorded music for other people. However, it’s not as simple as that because there are different types of DJs for different occasions. In a country like Singapore, we have a lot of places to find good DJs who produce good music.

If ever you get to have a visit to Singapore and plan on having a fun time with friends, Suitcase  will give you a DJ guide to Singapore.

The DJ Guide to Singapore

As the holographic confetti settles after Singapore’s freshest electronic music festival, Ultra Singapore, we caught up with some of the most exciting acts to grace the stage. Taking us from underground clubs to sky-high urban rainforests, we find these Grammy award-winning festival veterans to be a surprisingly a healthy bunch.


Before embarking on an impressive solo career, Dubfire made up one half of Grammy award-winning duo Deep Dish. Between expanding his cutting-edge label, SCI + TEC, Dubfire can be found tweeting restaurant reviews and foodie titbits with hope of opening a Japanese restaurant in LA. His documentary Above Ground Level also recently premiered at Miami Film Festival. Read more here.

Those were helpful pieces of information. You now have an idea on where to head to when you are visiting Singapore. The young generation has made its way to the top when it comes to becoming a good DJ. Let us know more about a 20-year-old DJ in Singapore who is currently heating up the local music scene.  An article by Keng Yang Shuen will tell us more about this DJ.

20-Year-Old Singapore DJ Sofklo Is Heating Up the Local Music Scene

There’s no denying the appeal of the female pop chanteuse/rock star or female-fronted band. Add a dose of rebelliousness, a quirk (or a few) and an indie spirit, and the cool factor goes off the charts. We speak to seven ruling the Singapore scene, including local DJ Sofklo.

Who’s that girl: Born Soffi Peters, this 20-year-old is not your typical club banger. Her tunes are “mostly experimental with dreamy textures” plus elements of classical music (she’s currently pursuing a BA in it from Singapore Raffles Music College).  Read more here.

It is good to know that at a young age, a young woman like her has already made a name in the industry. Surprisingly, it is not just her because there are many. Some are in groups and some do it solo and the DJs that I am about to introduce are actually females! That is pretty amazing. Sofia Kim will tell us more about some other female Djs in Singapore who are heating up the scene.

The Singapore Female DJs Who Are Heating Up the Scene

From dancehall doyennes to hip-hop honchos, these female beat makers prove that Singapore’s nightlife music scene is not all about the dudes.

Who: The leading all-girl crew in the local music and dance circuit comprises (from left) Fatim, Syaheedah Iskandar (Jaydah), Amanda Keisha Ang (A/K/A Sounds), Amanda Tan (Empyreal) and Serene-Rene Ong (Durio). After meeting each other at the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp in 2013, these talented ladies have played locally and internationally.

Why know them: With a diverse range of sounds and styles, this crew is the epitome of #girlpower. From underground hip-hop to reggae and even dubstep, they do it all and never limit themselves to a certain genre, says Ang, who’s a member of the Female Collective and got the crowds moving (despite the downpour) when she played at the recent Laneway Festival for the first time. Read more here.

            That was just great! Visiting Singapore would be a lot more fun because you now know where to find the best Djs who will make you enjoy your stay. The young people today are really proving that they have a talent when it comes to music. You don’t have to be a good singer or you don’t have to play instruments because you can be a DJ. You could do it as a hobby, as a job, and you could do it to make people happy. Females have also proven that they can do it and that they can be one of the bests. Regardless of gender, it is proven that anyone can be the best and that being a DJ could bring fun.



Do Bedbugs Harm Your Health? What Should You Do About It?

Bedbug infestations are a serious issue and can be a cause for alarm. They multiply in large numbers rather quickly and can be found in the nooks and crannies of your house. One of the biggest concerns after a bedbug infestation is whether they can affect your health. The fact is, while bedbug bites are not harmful as such, such bites can cause itching which can lead to allergic reactions and other secondary skin infections.

At this momment if you already have a very bad issue with bedbugs, do get in touch with a bed bug exterminator in Singapore like Pestbusers.

Also, bedbugs tend to be more active during the night which means they are likely to bite you more when you are sleeping or lying still. Bedbugs feed off human blood. This means that you can gradually become sleep deprived due to interrupted sleep.

A number of individuals have an inherent fear of bedbugs and can lose sleep as a result of anxiety and fear over being bitten.

In addition, scratches made by bedbug bites have chances of getting infected.

Sleep deprivation, infections, and rashes resulting from bedbug bites can weaken the immune system and may lead to latent illnesses. Also, allergic reactions triggered by bedbug bites may cause anaphylactic reactions that can suddenly increase your blood pressure and block your airways.

For people suffering from asthma and other breathing problems, the presence of bedbugs can cause the condition to become worse due to the fecal matter and skin shed by the bedbugs.

Despite all of this, bedbugs are not known to cause any disease unlike pests such as mosquitoes even though they do carry parasites at times. These parasites however, are not carried long enough to actually cause an infection as such.

Treating bedbug bites

Once you have been bitten by a bedbug, it is advisable to use over-the-counter medications to soothe the bites and prevent it from irritating you further.

In case of severe itching, you can use an anti-itch cream such as hydrocortisone or cortisone. If you happen to have a rash, it is better to use calamine lotion to dry up the rash. Oral anti-histamine tablets are effective in controlling any allergic reactions as a result of the bedbug bites and can reduce any swelling.

Preventing bedbugs

If you suspect a bedbug infestation, it is best to call in for professional help in order to completely eliminate them from your home. Bedbugs hide in nooks and crannies of your home. They settle in the folds and creases of your bedding, mattresses, couches, and curtains. It is therefore very important to regularly wash them and dry them out in the sun. They can even hide in the cracks and crevices of walls, wooden furniture, picture frames, or anywhere where they are likely to be undisturbed. A regular and thorough inspection of such places will help you to find out if your house has been infested. Remember, it is best to hire professional exterminators when it comes to getting rid of bedbugs rather than doing it yourself. Bedbug infestations are usually treated with large amounts of strong pesticide and you may be required to vacate your home for a few days once this is done.

After the treatment, it is important to clean and dry all your furniture so that they can be used again.